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Acquisition Integration of Mid and Lower-Mid Size Businesses

We train, certify, and mentor your employees in acquisition integration, or we deliver the integration for you

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We train, certify, and mentor your employees in how to plan and deliver an integration

Career development and recognition as an expert in acquisition integration

Helping you deliver your acquisition integrations

Get the full value of the business you acquire

70% of acquisitions fail

This is not completely accurate; it is the integration of the two businesses that often fails. Delivering what was envisioned when the deal was put together is difficult and prone to failure.

Businesses that do not successfully integrate acquisitions waste the opportunity of value creation. With every subsequent acquisition, the pain of not integrating becomes greater, as the burden of multiple processes, tools and operational methods prevents growth.

The integration is where the value of an acquisition is achieved. This is our focus

We help you deliver the value of your acquisitions

We are specialists in integrating acquired small, lower-mid and mid-size businesses, We understand and accommodate that every business is unique, as are the challenges they will face during an integration

A common misunderstanding is that integration should not begin until just before a deal is signed. 
This is not the case: the earlier integrations begin, the more likelihood of success

What have you acquired, without integration?

Company-Specific Advice

Benefit from Our Experience

  • Validate your existing integration processes
  • Set up your integration
  • Manage and deliver your integration
  • Teach-yourself integration from our learning platform

Use an expert to reduce the inefficiencies and delays that can occur

Train, Certify and Mentor your Team

Become a Certified Acquisition Integration Manager 

  • Reduce the need for higher cost external consultants
  • OnDemand guidance, available 24/7
  • Short, focused learning topics
  • Understand how an integration should work
  • Quickly climb the learning curve and fill in knowledge gaps
  • Downloadable templates and checklists


Unique Approach to Integration

We invented the SSIM™, the Small business Simple Integration Method, to guide business leadership through the steps of acquisition integration, in a straightforward and powerful manner


Acquisitions that were not deemed a success


Acquirers who did not know if they met their targets


Startups that are acquired within 10 years of creation

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