Delivering Integrations

Where the rubber hits the road

Consultants, employees, acquired businesses, PEs, and strategic acquirers are all measured on how well they integrate their add-on acquisitions. There are many challenges, including

Getting results while maintaining business as usual 

Using an integration style that causes irreparable damage to it 

To balance these priorities you need:

  • Pragmatism in implementation
  • Application of best practices 

 The average success rate of M&A integration is around 30%. Intista's success rate is 90%. 

The Right Process for Lower-Mid and Mid-Size Add-on Integration

There are a few different ways to integrate an acquired business. You should ensure you use the right process for the integration ahead of you. Smaller businesses behave, perform and respond differently to large businesses; their integrations are not only less complex, but they are also different in nature to large integrations. Intista developed the SSIM™ (the Small business Simple Integration Method) to reduce the complexities that other approaches use.

Intista will use the SSIM™ when engaged to deliver an integration. 

If you want to learn how to implement the SSIM™ yourself, register for our Certified Acquisition Integration Manager training.

Small business Simple Integration Method

Resources Needed

Integrations require significant time and effort to be successfully completed. Smaller PEs and businesses don't always have the extra capacity required. Intista can provide the capacity you might need with planning, communications, setting up your IMO, or creating and maintaining your playbook.

Integrations need people to carry out the tasks and projects that will merge the businesses together. This team needs to have the financial support and the time set aside for them to work on these.

  • If you need external staffing for specific projects from Intista, contact us.

Unlock Your Potential as an Independent Consultant

Independent consultants seeking to elevate their career should consider becoming Certified Acquisition Integration Managers (CAIM designation).  Our credential is the only program designed for the integration of lower-mid size businesses. Whether you’re a seasoned expert or just starting out, our designation can be a differentiator in a competitive market.

As an independent consultant, credibility is your currency, as clients seek assurance that your skills will solve their specific problems. With the CAIM qualification, you demonstrate your knowledge and capabilities and open up the opportunity to appeal to more clients.  Unlock credibility, conquer the PMI market, and master integration.

If you want a discussion about joining the Intista team as an independent consultant, contact us.

Selection of Prior Projects

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Assisted Living – Client Confidential

Wallaby Medical  Wallaby Medical of Los Angeles (USA) and Shanghai (China) acquired phenox of Bochum (Germany),

Wallaby Medical

Matrix Medical NetworkMatrix Medical Network of Arizona acquired HealthFair, based in Florida. Both businesses had

Matrix Medical Network

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