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As soon as an acquisition is announced, the initial "Must Do" activities are undertaken, and the integration is being planned in detail. A small integration can have between 300 and 1000 tasks/projects that must be completed - while maintaining business-as-usual. 

Using in-house teams to deliver your acquisition integration is the way to self sufficiency, employee growth and the creation of your future leaders. However, when an integration demands more manpower than your business can spare, you need experienced hands to guide this to value recognition.

Does your business have the manpower and capabilities to sustain business-as-usual during an acquisition integration?

If not, consider deploying short-term interim managers to fill gaps in leadership structure, manpower or expertise during transformations. While these roles may not last long, they can be an excellent opportunity for your business to rise to the occasion, delivering your integration while maintaining the business.

Our business experience gives us the perspective to realize what is achievable, when we can push for more, and when staff take on too much. Delivering on time, to budget and to scope is a core strength.

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Pragmatism from Experience

We have provided interim management in disciplines that include

  • Training content creation and delivery
  • Software development
  • Marketing transformation
  • Engineering construction
  • Event management
  • IT consolidation
  • Post-Merger (acquisition) Integration

Align Strategy with the Plan

The strategic objectives are defined at the highest level, but projects are not. We ensure that the planned changes align with these strategies.


A key tool used is to walk through project scenarios, to ensure that the strategy can be executed, and to assess the possible risks along the way

Project Plan Creation

We identify the functional groups required to execute the project, and either create, or assist in the creation of project plans for each of these groups.


We ensure delivery of compatible projects that have a common set of goals by asking the tough questions, applying our experience, and getting buy-in from stakeholders

Typical Engagements

Business Operations

Maintaining sales, customer support, customer satisfaction, delivery, manufacturing are the day-to-day operations of a business. We provide interim management that either helps you expand your scope of work, or fills in gaps caused by staff departures

Workstream Leadership or Support

We will guide the teams in creating their project charters, from which the detailed plan evolves.

We deliver projects through extensive and broad experience in planning, execution and monitoring of projects, stakeholder management and efficient status meetings

Integration Management Office (IMO)

We are experts in the special requirements needed to manage and deliver project within an acquisition integration.

Each integration is unique, with specific projects that need to be planned, executed, monitored and closed.

The difficulty of post-merger integration projects is the interdependence of numerous projects, and the need to sequence the projects so that they align with the integration strategic key objectives.

We are highly experienced in working within this environment to deliver projects where priorities and inter-dependencies appear to be conflicting with each other.

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