Acquisition Integration Training & Certification

 Unrivaled on-demand training and certification for integrating an acquiring business 

Intista offers unrivaled on-demand training courses about integrating an acquired small, lower-mid, or mid-size business. Our training is designed specifically for these agile, responsive and people-oriented integrations.  If you have the resources you need, but want some guidance on how to self-manage your acquisition integration, this solution is for you.

Applicable for these teams

  • Integration Management Office (IMO)
  • Steering Committee
  • Workstreams
  • Onboarding
  • Communications
  • Online training takes you through the entire integration: from the reasons for acquiring, to the execution and delivery of the projects
  • Complete all the courses to get access to the certification exam
  • Take course separately, or take the Certified Acquisition Integration Manager course, which has all of the composite courses and the exam included
  • After completing a course an achievement badge is added in My Profile
  • Templates and checklists you can download, including lists of necessary departmental integration tasks
  • Uses the SSIM™ (Small business Simple Integration Method) : our unique integration approach specifically designed for smaller acquisitions
  • Our training is designed specifically for online learning. It is not a recording of a classroom session, nor a series of webinars
  • Become a Certified Acquisition Integration Manager™

    Intista trains, certifies and mentors you in how to plan, set up, and manage the integration of an acquired small, lower-mid, or mid-size businesses. This succinct, pragmatic, actionable program contains templates and examples for you to successfully create the correct integration program for your organization.

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    Value Beyond the Scope

    They were very responsive to my needs and gave added value beyond the scope I requested, finding gaps that we didn't realize were there. The attitude, support and professionalism were outstanding. We would have no hesitation in asking them back for future projects.

    Samuel Bronstein