Acquisition Integration Training Courses

Training and certification on how to self-manage your acquisition integration.

Our Courses

Acquisition integration basics course

Integration Basics

Free training with general information about integrations, for people affected by an acquisition.


Certified Acquisition Integration Manager™

Training and certification for set up and management of an integration of an acquired business


Getting off the Ground

Considerations you should have before acquiring a business, with a spotlight on integrations


Different Ways to Integrate

The four approaches to integrating an acquired business, and a strategy where no integration takes place


The Integration Organization

The teams that plan, manage and deliver an acquisition integration


Integration Objectives

Learn how to derive the initiatives that define the emphasis, or focus areas, for the integration journey


Staff Retention after an Acquisition

Financial and non-financial techniques for retaining the staff of an acquired business

Airplane boarding steps

Onboarding Acquired Staff

Onboarding acquisitons is more complex and sensitive that onboarding hired employees. Learn more here

Preparing for Day 1

Preparing for Day 1

The many activities that need to be considered and completed before announcing an acquisition


Communication during Integrations

The 7 objectives and 4 phases of communicating during an integration

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Creating Acquisition Integration Projects

Create the projects to merge acquiring and acquired businesses together

  • Online training to take you through the entire integration: from the reasons for acquiring, to the execution and delivery of the projects
  • Templates and checklists you can download, including lists of necessary departmental integration tasks
  • Uses the SSIM™ (Small business Simple Integration Method) : our unique integration approach specifically designed for smaller acquisitions
  • Applicable for these teams

    • Integration Management Office (IMO)
    • Steering Committee
    • Workstreams
    • Onboarding
    • Communications