T-Mobile Netherlands

T-Mobile NL  

T-Mobile Netherlands

Deutsche Telekom AG’s Group company, T-Mobile Netherlands, acquired the Dutch telecommunications provider, Orange Netherlands from France Télécom for about €1.3B. Once approved and completed, the combined business would have 4.6M customers in the Netherlands, which equated to about 27% of the market at that time.


The announced synergy expectations were to save approximately €1.0B after restructuring costs. The mandate was to develop the synergy model to achieve this ambitious expectation. Synergy modeling included not only identify where the savings and costs of integration would be, but also the prioritizing of synergy tasks and timelines.

Having previous designed the post-merger integration guidelines for Deutsche Telekom AG, on a previous engagement, DT’s model was repurposed for the Orange NL integration into T-Mobile. The approach to synergy achievements and the guidelines for counting synergies were a strong focus area in this implementation.