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Int – Integration, ista – “the essence of”

We believe that our name reflects what are for our partners: a focus upon bringing together the acquirer and acquired to create an integrated, in the best way.

We only work with partners who acquire lower-mid or mid-size business, i.e. acquired businesses with less than 1000 employees . We offer the right solution to our partners, in only this market – and we strive to be the best there is at it.

We look forward to serving you soon, as Intista.

Find out how we can build your In-House acquisition integration team

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How It All Started

Helping has been the force propelling our founder, Steve Nunn. Throughout his career, his skills and ability to confidently and humbly share his expertise, have earned him advancement.

As an employee of businesses that acquired sufficiently to become a global company, he recognized the value of properly integrated acquisitions, and volunteered to solve their integration issues.

From the onset, Steve saw the need for companies to pay close attention to their human capital and historical knowledge base by identifying and promoting personnel invested in the advancement of the companies’ goals.

By the time he had done 25 integrations, he could see the industry needed something new. He saw that small acquisitions had a big need for assistance.

Going Independent

The Post-Merger Integration (PMI) industry has a wealth of experience in large integrations. The market offered

  • More complexity than small and mid-size integrations required
  • Higher consultant costs needed to manage the complex integrations

We could see that the big value integrations were getting the attention from the PMI industry, as they generated the most revenue for consultants. The occasional and first-time acquirers were severely under-served by the consultant market.

Not surprisingly, you cannot successfully integrate smaller acquisitions using a large-business approach, as they behave, perform and respond to business situations differently to large businesses; their integrations are not only less complex, but also different to large integrations.

Steve never lost his passion for helping and solving, so he set out to specifically help the acquirers of small and mid-size businesses.

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A New Way Of Solving Old Problems

Steve went back to first principles and created a simple way to integrate acquired lower-mid and mid-size acquisitions. The outcome was the Small business Simple Integration Method™ (SSIM™), which is the right approach for this size of business

  • Focus upon the integration needs of lower-mid and mid
  • Provide a logical step process
  • Identify clear roles and responsibilities
  • Communicate with easy-to-understand, unambiguous language

The SSIM™ solution is centered upon online training. For many companies, this is all the guidance and templates they may need to integrate an acquired small or mid-size business.

… and if a client has some difficulties, expertise is available to help, either remotely or on-site.


Our Mission

Empower and support acquirers to successfully integrate their acquisitions with size-appropriate process and engagement