Turning the strategy into a plan of action and executing it

Selecting a business and deciding what you want to do with it are essential, but do not deliver the vision. The vision sets out what needs to be done by the Integration Team. However, nothing is achieved until a plan of action is created and implemented. 

Integrations are not easy. They can be simplified in a few words to describe what you want the outcomes to be. However, the realities of dealing with vibrant, active, busy businesses requires a special skill set. 

Consider the disruption that an integration will do to the employees, while they try to sustain business as usual:

If a department in your business is re-organized, it would be disruptive

If every department in your business is re-organized, it would be difficult to keep the business on track

If every department in two business is re-organized (the acquiring and the acquired business)

  • This is what happens when you integrate an acquired business

What’s involved in an acquisition integration set up?

We have the experience to navigate the complexities of post-acquisition integration

Long range vision

Cross-Functional Dependencies

Bringing together two businesses is a collection of numerous separate projects, many of which are dependent upon others.

Each team or department has a list of action items with varying priorities, and many have cross functional dependencies. It can get complex, quickly

Our approach includes:

  • Defining integration objectives
  • Team selection: IMO, Communications, Onboarding, Staff Retention and Workstreams
  • Needs analysis, setting priorities
  • Creating the Plan

    We develop the high level plan from your strategy, working with the managers who will carry out the tasks that bring the systems, processes, people and cultures of the businesses together. The end product is a custom program of projects:

    We address:

    • Onboarding and staff retention preparation
    • Task list development
    • Day One preparation
    • Status meeting structure, tools
    • Reporting hierarchy

    Sustaining the Businesses while Integrating them

    Successfully delivering an integration requires:

    • Delivering the value of the acquisition, as planned by the Deal Team
    • Communicating with credibility and candidness, to gain trust
    • Respect and protection of the acquired business' culture
    • Effective, pragmatic prioritization of tasks
    • Accommodation of unexpected issues and hurdles, when they are discovered
    • Efficient status meetings
    • Reporting clarity for leadership

    Integration Delivery

    Integration Objectives

    The key and workstream objectives for the integration are directly related to the reasons you’re acquiring the business. We’ll use these to define the highest level of the integration plan

    Day 1 Preparation

    We’ll review your priorities for Day 1, the planning for the big event, the preparation, who’s involved, and typical Must Do and Can Defer activities

    The Integration Management Office (IMO)

    The IMO is responsible for delivering the integration. We’ll work with them to review the objectives, identify who should carry out the integration in the teams, and discuss the role of the IMO with regards the newly acquired


    An open secret about integration success is the quality and quantity of the communication. Communication is not just announcing a compelling vision; it requires sustained, candid conversations to each audience, that changes as time passes.

    Tools and Meetings

    There can be between 200 and 1000 projects required to integrate an acquired smaller business. We’ll review the tracking tools and how they’ll be used, and who will be using them across the business after the acquisition is completed

    Team Plans First Draft

    We will guide the teams in creating their project charters, from which the detailed plan evolves

    The Earlier You Begin, the More Likelihood of Success

    Every acquisition integration is unique, with each one requiring understanding and consideration before you can begin planning. Integrations do not start when the deal is completed: you need to be well-prepared to announce what you will do, when and how, to an audience that scrutinizes every word that is said.

     The best acquirers are ready to announce and create trust with their audiences. This requires time and hard work. The earlier you begin integration, the better the odds of success.

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    Typical engagements include subscriptions to our Certified Acquisition Integration Manager program for your team members

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    The Results are There

    Intista were really helpful in strategic planning and finding solutions. We had positive results that helped the company and employees move forward. They were definitely worth the time. The results are there, and motivation is part of the process.

    Monica Berrios HR Director

    Solve Any Problem

    Our No.1 point of contact who knew how to solve any problem. Despite being on another continent Steve went out of his way to help us. Organised, efficient, friendly, and helpful.

    Dan Cutler

    Made for a Better Culture

    Able to assume solutions many times before problems occur and can remain collected. …also quickly made personal relationships with members of both companies and helped to integrate them by learning process and introducing counterparts. It not only made for a better culture, but a smoother run in streamlining both lines of business.

    Lauren Mink Purchasing and Facilities Management

    Strongly Recommended

    We [were] dealing with a big integration project between a China and a Europe based company.

    A great experience... [the] contribution to our email migration project is highly appreciated, excellent communication and coordination skills are highly praised.

    Definitely Steve and his company will be strongly recommended to our partners. I would say that if we have any chance doing the project based in USA and Europe, they will be on the preferred vendor list for sure.

    Patrick Xiao Head of IT Department

    See the Nuances

    Able to see immediately the nuances of what was being proposed… I would rank Steve as one of the top 4 or 5 client contacts I've worked with in terms of his insight, his intellect and his personality.

    Bud Benscoter Owner

    Holistic Thinking

    Really appreciate your dedication, professionalism, hard work and holistic thinking.

    Wyatt Campbell COO

    Dedicated to Success

    Dedication to the success of our team were second to none. [An] expert in setting up procedures to accomplish complex tasks, and his follow through was a key factor in the success of our acquisition integration process.

    Mike Markovitz

    Value Beyond the Scope

    They were very responsive to my needs and gave added value beyond the scope I requested, finding gaps that we didn't realize were there. The attitude, support and professionalism were outstanding. We would have no hesitation in asking them back for future projects.

    Samuel Bronstein CEO

    A Huge Positive Difference

    Extremely organized, detail-oriented, thorough, timely, and importantly... made a huge positive difference on many occasions, helping to gain loyalty, bridge differences, and get newly acquired companies up and running

    Linda Peduto Facilities Manager