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January 29th, 2024

Press Release

Intista Announces Significant Update to Certified Acquisition Integration Manager Program

Leading provider of M&A integration certification releases supplement to their CAIM program, expanding the learning scope and further enhancing their credential

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January 13th, 2024

Interview - SaaS Buyers Club

Maximize the value of your SaaS acquisition

Steve Nunn from Intista talks about the correct procedures and common pitfalls of integration in business acquisitions, particularly in the Software as a Service (SaaS) sector. He explains his company's five-step integration approach: understanding the reasons for acquisition, figuring out objectives, high-level planning, kickoff and execution. 

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August 5th 2023

Interview - BCN News

The Value of Integration

Usually small and mid-size businesses are bought for their future potential, not the current status. To get the value out of the purchase, you need to plan how you will get this value, and you need to execute that plan. Often the plan is to integrate (or “merge”) all or parts of the two businesses together.  This is the acquisition integration in a process known as “post-merger integration”.

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March 16th 2023

Interview - The Third Growth Option

Aha! Moments Building a Subscription Model

Post-acquisition integration is where most M&A acquisitions succeed or fail. Steve Nunn is CEO of Intista, a company that helps to integrate acquired small-to-midsize companies (“air traffic control for integrations”). As a follow up to an earlier interview, we’re having a chat about his journey of bottling his secret sauce - by building a subscription online training model that “turns employees into integration managers” and a Mastermind Group for graduates.

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January 6th 2023

Interview - The Happy Business Owner

Embracing Change and Integration

We sit with the CEO of Intista, Steve Nunn, to talk about the exciting world of merging companies. Steve brings his wealth of knowledge and experience to the table, chatting about everything from the benefits and challenges of merging to critical considerations for success. Plus, he shares his secret for finding happiness in his work (hint: it involves humans!). Whether you're thinking about merging your own company or just want to learn more about the process, this episode is a must-listen. So grab your headphones and join in on the fun!

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December 7th 2022

Webinar - Know the Ins-and-Outs of Integration & Improve Your Deal Flow

AM&AA Member Benefit Spotlight of Intista

Experienced middle-market M&A professionals understand integration is important, but we still don’t place enough emphasis on this critical process. Transactions go bad predominantly because integration fails to capture the value and deal drivers. Join us to learn more about acquisition integration best practices and how our newest member benefit offering, the Certified Acquisition Integration Manager, can help take your business to the next level.

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December 6th 2022

Intista opens a Center of Excellence in Dallas, Texas

The Intista-nFLXn Point Group collaboration will further improve the quantity and quality of services that each company provides to their common client base. nFLXn Point Group’s holistic approach is now complimented by the focused specialization offered by Intista. 

The partnership will broaden the services offered by nFLXn Point Group, and will both strengthen and raise Intista’s profile in Texas. 

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September 6th 2022

Intista article "5 Ways that Understanding Integrations Improves Your Deals" is published

Intista wrote the thought-leadership article for the Alliance of M&A Advisors (AM&AA) quarterly newsletter.

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AM&AA Mid Market talk Newsletter Sept. 2022
AM&AA Mid Market talk Newsletter Sept. 2022

October 15th 2021

Interview - The Third Growth Option

Never Integrate or Grow: Pre/Post Acquisition Challenges

Spoiler alert: integrate or grow is a false choice, you can and should do both, walk and chew gum, integrate and grow. But too often poor integration between acquirer and acquired hurts revenue growth, certainly in the (too lengthy) short term. Steve Nunn shares his definition of integration, how to tackle integration – in stages, some successes and failures and what drove each. Because growth is challenging during integration, we share an example where my company’s Third Growth Option (faster than internal organic growth, less risky than acquisition) both pre- and post-acquisition created significant value and saved a company’s bacon during COVID-19 times.

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April 4th 2021

Intista is the new name for Nunn Better Consulting

Reflecting our new levels of capability, new partnerships, and increased strengths

We very excited to officially announce that we have changed our brand name and corporate identity from Nunn Better Consulting, to Intista

Int – Integration,  ista – “the essence of”

Intista, the essence of integration.

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September 2nd 2020

M&A Access

Mid Market News Interview

This week’s M&A Access features Steve Nunn, CEO, Nunn Better Consulting (subsequently rebranded to Intista). Steve articulates how his firm finds new ways to solve old problems by utilizing a people-centric approach and focusing on staff onboarding and retention. He also delves into the value of gauging the performance of management teams and management coaching in today’s new normal.

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