Recertifying your CAIM™ Qualification

The Certified Acquisition Integration Manager designation from Intista

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What is different about Intista's certification program?

Intista is committed to helping businesses grow their in-house integration teams. When a person joins the CAIM™ program they are often seeking to learn about how to be an integration manager. The recertification process seeks to affirm if you have used the training in real-life scenarios.

Intista aims to create Integration Managers when they initially qualify, and grow them with the recertification

Why should I recertify?

Recertifying your CAIM certification every two years demonstrates that you have made a commitment to sustain your acquisition integration skills and knowledge.

Certification is a mark of competence and excellence. It demonstrates that the certified individual has the knowledge to take on an acquisition integration. Maintaining your certification secures the investment you have made in your career. 

How often do I need to recertify?

Every two years.

You can recertify up to 1 year before a current certification expires, and the certification will be dated two years from the previous end date

Recertification Requirements

1. Completion of the Recertification Survey

The survey asks about your experiences, seeking the following information. We expect that many people who are taking the initial training and exam do not have integration experience, but after two years they will have gained some. This survey is where you describe that integration experience

  • Your role(s) while undertaking integration-type activities
  • The time spent undertaking integration-type activities

    Some of your work experience since qualification (or a prior recertification) has been spent doing integration-type activities.  We expect that people seeking recertification will have done at least 300 hours of integration activities within two years (about 7% of their time). However, each case is considered upon its own merits.

    Integration experience does not mandate running all aspects of an integration. In smaller integrations, for example, a person may be the only integration person. However, it is more likely that people will work on parts of an integration within their realm of expertise, e.g. HR, Invoicing or IT. This is completely acceptable and expected.
  • Continued education or "Giving Back" that is relevant to acquisition integration

    A minimum of 15 hours is required
    • Education examples include attending Intista's Integration Mastermind sessions or watching recordings of Integration Masterminds (available to current subscribers) 
    • Giving Back examples that are relevant to acquisition integration, such as writing white papers or blogs, public speaking or delivering training classes 

2. Current subscription to the Certified Acquisition Integration Manager™ program

Continued subscription gives access to 

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