Private Training Class

Tailored Agenda and Content for your Business

A private training class is recommended when all students are from a single business. The privacy of the group allows

  • Students to speak about acquisition-specific topics and hold confidential discussions with the instructor
  • The client to set the pace and schedule of studies
  • Custom training content to be created and included (for an additional fee)

Benefit from the shared experience of learning with your colleagues and gain from the freedom to learn, digress, and discuss together the best approach for your specific integration.

Delivery Types

The following methods of training are available with private classes:

Private Cohort

Each week the student cohort is assigned lessons to study online. A review meeting is held at the end of the week to discuss and ask questions about what they have learned with an instructor.

The cohort is a popular way of being held accountable for completing the training and certification, while still allowing self-paced study.

Live Remote

Live training taught remotely over the Internet, using Zoom or similar technology.  Discussions with your instructor can be acquisition-specific and confidential.

The schedule can be agreed to match your needs and availability. Typically scheduled as either 3½ full days, or 7 half days of study.

Remote training is popular when students are in disparate locations. 

Classroom Training

Live training taught at your business location. Discussions with your instructor can be acquisition-specific and confidential.

The schedule can be agreed to match your needs and availability. Delivered via 3½ full days of study. Incurs additional travel expenses.

Classroom training is popular when intensive, focused, study is required. Studies show that classroom learning is the delivery type that is absorbed by students the best.

Who should attend

  • Members of the acquisition team, that will find businesses and execute the deal
  • Leadership of both the acquiring and acquired businesses
  • Member of the Integration Management Office (IMO) team, that will set up and run an acquisition integration
  • Members of Human Resources who will lead the Onboarding Team

Custom topics can be commissioned.

Our remote classroom training is written from the ground up to suit the needs of Small, Lower-Mid and Mid-size Businesses (SMBs).  Training should be taken before a deal gathers momentum as acquisition integration begins during the Due Diligence period.

The Path to Certification

Upon completing the final assessment in the training, students become Certified Acquisition Integration Managers (the CAIM™ designation). 

All assessments are taken online. This requires each of the classroom students to have access to the Internet to complete them.

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