AM&AA Member Benefit

Members and their clients receive at least* a 20% discount on Intista's Certified Acquisition Integration Manager  program

Intista offers members of the Alliance of M&A Advisors (AM&AA) a discount on the cost of subscribing to their Certified Acquisition Integration Manager program

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How do I Get an AM&AA discount on the CAIM™?

When signing up, registrants are asked to give the name of their AM&AA point of contact. This person must be a current member to get the discount.

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How does the Client of an AM&AA Member Get the Discount?

This discount is available for members of the AM&AA and their clients.

After you have registered, Intista will validate your point of contact. Intista will work with you and your point of contact to correct any misunderstandings. 

How do I join the AM&AA?

Anybody can join the AM&AA. To find out how, click here

The AM&AA offers members a variety of benefits. To find out more about member benefits, click here

AMAA members receive a 20% initial discount. Get a bigger discount with multiple purchases

1 to 2 subscribers

Acquisition Integration Manager(s) leading small integrations

AM&AA Member Discount


Per Person

$1,995 first year

$250 renewals, 

including recertifications

3 to 7 subscribers

Integration Management Office (IMO) team

AM&AA Member Discount


Per Person

$1,795 first year

$250 renewals, 

including recertifications

8 to 19 subscribers

Steering Committee, Integration Management Office (IMO), Onboarding, Communication teams, and the workstream leaders

AM&AA Member Discount


Per Person

$1,595 first year

$250 renewals, 

including recertifications

20 or more subscribers

All members of the integration: Steering Committee, workstream members, workstream leaders, IMO, Communications, Onboarding, OD, and Change Management

AM&AA Member Discount


Per Person

$1,195 first year

$250 renewals, 

including recertifications

$1,995 Year 1

$250 Renewals

including recertification

  • Immediate access to 12 month of online, self-paced training
  • Weekly meetings to discuss the topics just learned 
  • Templates and checklists to use on  your integrations
  • CAIM™ certification, after passing the final assessment
  • Access to Intista's Integration Mastermind meetings

Upon registration, your affiliation with the AM&AA is verified to be either:

  • A current member of the AMAA
  • The client of a current member

Thinking about confidential discussions?

  • Learn about our Private Classes
  • Available in 3 delivery formats, including classroom learning

Ask Us About Bulk Discounting!

Summer 2024 Cohort Class details

This training and certification is 100% online, self-paced study, with weekly review meetings..

  • The course contains 10 lessons
  • Students will be asked to study between 1 and 3 lessons per week, which should take between 1.5 to 3.5 hours of self-paced learning
  • Student should complete the assessment at the end of each lesson

Self-study should begin on, or around, August 9th, 2024.

  • On Fridays, students will meet for 45 minutes to review and discuss what they have learned in that week's lessons. Discussions will go into details on areas that the students have questions about. Meetings will be held: 
    • Kick Off: Friday August 9th, 11am EST/4pm GMT
      • Welcome and kickoff
    • Friday August 16th, 11am EST/4pm GMT, Week 1 review
      • (Lesson 1: Getting off the Ground, Lesson 2: Different Ways to Integrate, & Lesson 3: The Integration Organization)
    • Friday August 23rd, 11am EST/4pm GMT, Week 2 review
      • ( Lesson 4: Integration Objectives & Lesson 5: Finance in Integrations)
    • Friday August 30th, 11am EST/4pm GMT, Week 3 review
      • (Lesson 6: Staff Retention after an Acquisition & Lesson 7: Onboarding Acquired Staff)
    • Friday September 7th, 11am EST/4pm GMT, Week 4 review
      • (Lesson 8: Preparing for Day 1 & Lesson 9: Communication During Integrations)
    • Friday September 14th, 11am EST/4pm GMT, Week 5 review and Final Assessment
      • (Lesson 10: Creating Acquisition Integration Projects & the Final Assessment)
  • After registering, you will receive a calendar invitation to the weekly review meetings