AM&AA Member Benefit

Members and their clients receive at least* a 20% discount on Intista's Certified Acquisition Integration Manager  program

Intista offers members of the Alliance of M&A Advisors (AM&AA) a discount on the cost of subscribing to their Certified Acquisition Integration Manager program

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How do I Get an AM&AA discount on the CAIM™?

When signing up, registrants are asked to give the name of their AM&AA point of contact. This person must be a current member to get the discount.

How does the Client of an AM&AA Member Get the Discount?

This discount is available for members of the AM&AA and their clients.

After you have registered, Intista will validate your point of contact. Intista will work with you and your point of contact to correct any misunderstandings. 

How do I join the AM&AA?

Anybody can join the AM&AA. To find out how, click here

The AM&AA offers members a variety of benefits. To find out more about member benefits, click here

AMAA members receive a 20% initial discount. Get a bigger discount with multiple purchases

1 to 2 subscribers

Acquisition Integration Manager(s) leading small integrations

AM&AA Member Discount


Per Person

$1,995 first year

$250 renewals, 

including recertifications

3 to 7 subscribers

Integration Management Office (IMO) team

AM&AA Member Discount


Per Person

$1,795 first year

$250 renewals, 

including recertifications

8 to 19 subscribers

Steering Committee, Integration Management Office (IMO), Onboarding, Communication teams, and the workstream leaders

AM&AA Member Discount


Per Person

$1,595 first year

$250 renewals, 

including recertifications

20 or more subscribers

All members of the integration: Steering Committee, workstream members, workstream leaders, IMO, Communications, Onboarding, OD, and Change Management

AM&AA Member Discount


Per Person

$1,195 first year

$250 renewals, 

including recertifications

Individual users can sign up for immediate access.

For group discounting, select the Purchase Order option below, or Contact Us

1,995 Year 1

250 Renewals

including recertification

  • Immediate access to 12 month of online, on demand integration training
  • Templates and checklists
  • CAIM™ certification, after passing the final quiz
  • 12 month access to Intista's Integration Mastermind meetings
Multiple enroLlers

This special pricing is for current members of the Alliance of M&A Advisors (AMAA), or their clients

Required Purchase Order Information

  • Name of referring contact current member of the Alliance of M&A Advisors (AMAA)
  • Company name of referring contact
  • Number of students enrolling
  • Length of subscription (12 or 24 months)
  • Discounted price (see above table)
  • Tax rate is 0%
  • A point of contact who can provide the student enroller information

Send completed purchase order to [email protected]

Purchase Order procurement

  • Billing control through your organization's Finance team
  • Can subscribe for 24 months to include recertification 
  • Template and checklist downloads
  • CAIM™ certification for each enroller, after passing the final quiz
  • Access to Intista's Integration Mastermind meetings

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