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McKesson Corporation is a global leader in healthcare supply chain solutions, retail pharmacy, community specialty care, and healthcare information technology. McKesson agreed to merge together its technology subsidiary, McKesson Technology Solutions (MTS) with Change Healthcare to create a business that offers a world leading range of clinical analytics and IT services, in particular analytics within medical billing processing industry.

Merged company revenues $3.4B


A substantial amount of the integration was IT-focused as the objective was to create a technology company. Projects included migrating systems from one IT ecosystem to a new one. New hardware was required, along with new cloud-based and data services.

The engagement was to program manage the technology side of Transactional Service Agreement (TSA), written by the CTO. The CTO engaged us to develop the program and the project hierarchy. The program was tightly controlled, ensuring that service levels were maintained as MTS was spun out of McKesson.

Areas of focus were the migration of SAP and Oracle services, secure file transfer protocols and services, the migration of whole data centers, migration of the software development environment while the Dev team continued to work, VPN service migration, and customer and corporate support tools.

The workload was such that Change Healthcare did not have sufficient staff to integrate the MTS environment in time. To complete the program, before the expiration of the TSA, it was necessary to bring in external vendors for project management, engineering, and designing elements of the integration. Vendor selection was done via a formal RFP and scoring of the responders.

During the integration, there was a significant amount of communication and interaction between the vendors and the Change Healthcare program management team.