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Course Prerequisites

Our training courses are set at an intermediate level, requiring a basic understanding of the steps involved in acquiring a business:

  • What is M&A Due Diligence and where it fits into the acquisition timeline
  • Basic acquisition terminology, such as "Closing" or "Deal Team"

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The Course>Lesson>Topic structure of our training

Integration Mastermind Sessions

A key element of learning about acquisition integration is discussion with experts in the field. Intista's Integration Mastermind sessions are held monthly. 

Mastermind Availability

Integration Mastermind sessions are offered monthly to subscribers of the Certified Acquisition Integration Manager program. They are held generally on the Third Tuesday of every month 

This mastermind group is a free-form discussion about best practices, techniques and problem solving, associated with M&A integration. We discuss topics that the attendees bring up, to help them prepare for the tasks ahead, or explore solutions to problems.

How to join us

All attendees must accept Intista's current terms and conditions 

Certification Levels

Logo for students of the program

Your certification level starts as Student

Certified Acquisition Integration Manager logo

After passing the CAIM final assessment your level changes to Integration Manager

Each time you pass a lesson assessment, you are awarded a learning achievement, that can be seen in your Learning Profile. When all assessments are achieved, you can take the CAIM final assessment.

The CAIM Final Assessment

Passing the Final Assessment will create your downloadable certificate

Add Your Digital Badge to LinkedIn

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Once certified as a CAIM, you are issued a digital badge that can be added to your LinkedIn profile.  This video explains how to do this.

Go to My Training Profile to register your digital badge on