Giving your Clients the Best Integration Advice

Increasing the Odds of Repeat Business

Most acquisitions involve some form of delayed payment, typically through holdbacks, earn-outs, post-closing adjustments or staged sales. Sell-side M&A advisors want the best outcomes for their clients, but after the transaction is completed they have no influence upon the success of this.  

A successful integration will:

Increase the seller's income by hitting agreed targets

Deliver the outcomes of the acquisition the buyer was seeking

Increase the odds of repeat business for Sell Side and Buy Side advisors

Engaging Intista will ensure best practices are used for the integration of lower-mid and mid-size add-on businesses. When we are involved, integrations are completed sooner making acquirers ready and with the appetite to acquire again.

Our integration delivery success rate is 90% - far above the industry standard of 30%. 

A Market Differentiator

One of the concerns a business seller may have is the future of the business, and the employees within it, as acquisition integrations have a poor record of success. When seeking an M&A advisory role with a prospective client, you need to stand out from the pack demonstrating that you are concerned about the future of the products and the people within this business.

Deploying Intista will demonstrate to a future client that you are focused on their success through use of industry best integration practices. 

Intista's integration approach is designed to address the challenges and business styles of lower-mid and mid-size acquired businesses. 

The Correct Measures of Success

Large acquisition integrations are often defined in financial terms. However, smaller businesses are usually acquired for their future potential to generate revenue. Integration success should be defined in terms that describe the future potential and have a clear method of measurement.

You don't integrate an acquired large business the same way as a smaller one, so why measure success the same way?

Intista's proprietary SSIM™ framework is specifically for smaller M&A integrations. 

Expertise to Deliver Integration

Many practices successfully offer and deliver on multiple types of advisory services. Oftentimes this includes acquisition integration. With some integrations it can be challenging to translate the desired outcome (often modeled in a spreadsheet), into the real-life delivery. In some businesses, it can be difficult navigating the complexities of competing and changing priorities, employees' personal lives and the difficulties of coordinating across all teams in all locations. 

Selection of Prior Projects

Assisted Living - Client Confidential  A Texas based multi-location Assisted Living business decided too much money

Assisted Living – Client Confidential

Wallaby Medical  Wallaby Medical of Los Angeles (USA) and Shanghai (China) acquired phenox of Bochum (Germany),

Wallaby Medical

Matrix Medical NetworkMatrix Medical Network of Arizona acquired HealthFair, based in Florida. Both businesses had

Matrix Medical Network

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