Acquiring and Scaling

Creating great businesses through platforms and add-ons

A Market Differentiator

One of the concerns a business seller may have is the future of the business, and the employees within it, as acquisition integrations have a poor record of success. When negotiating, you need to stand out from the pack demonstrating that you are concerned about the future of the products and the people within this business.

Deploying Intista will demonstrate to a business seller that you are focused on the success of the integration through use of industry best practices. 

Intista's integration approach is designed to address the challenges and business styles of lower-mid and mid-size acquired businesses. 

Increasing Value via Buy and Build

The Buy and Build strategy works. Every PE, Family Office and Private Sponsor that uses Buy and Build is in pursuit of greater growth. Platform selection and preparation, followed by add-on acquisitions which enhance the value of the business, constitute a well-proven formula for success. You invest time, effort and finances into the business to enable it to grow. However, the degree of success is not directly related 

"Success ultimately relies on M&A expertise, thoughtful integration, and the capabilities to execute a clear and actionable value-creation plan" Bain & Company 2023 report "Building a Stronger Buy-and-Build

Are your integrations designed to retain key employees?

Do you use a repeatable, proven approach?

Do you deploy experienced integrators, or mandate integrations be done by the employees of the platform business?

Can you improve your capabilities to integrate add-ons?

Intista offers a streamlined and cohesive solution to delivering the value of your add-ons. Poorly managed integrations often lead to hidden expenses, including rework, inefficiencies, identification of root causes, cross-functional coordination, and staff retention. In contrast, Intista provides a more predictable cost structure.

We provide the focus on integration so that PEs can focus on transactions

The Need for Greater Value

Businesses that do not successfully integrate acquisitions waste the opportunity of value creation. 

Equity investors often refer to the 80-20 rule, where 80% of revenues come from 20% of investments. What if we could change your rate, so that 80% of your revenue comes from 80% of your investments?

  • Risk is lowered
  • Income is increased

As Intista delivers more successful integrations for you, you can move towards 80% of your revenue coming from 80% of your acquisitions.

Expertise, bandwidth, or incentive issues

Employees in an acquired business must adjust to the new environment that comes with new management, new targets and expanded business models. As they adjust, and rise to the occasion, successful integration can be an overreach. 

Intista partners with clients to deliver lower-mid and mid-size integrations successfully, while planning the knowledge transfer that will become in-house competencies.

This starts with advisory. We know the complexities of delivering integrations, and take the initial burden off your team. 

Learn about how we plan, deliver and reinforce integration best practices.  

Addressing in-house competency gaps

One of the best practice for serial acquirers is to create in-house teams that can merge acquiring and acquired businesses. However, if integrations do not deliver as expected, the current competency level of your workforce needs to improved.

Intista is the only provider of certification for integrating acquired lower-mid size businesses. Learn more about the Certified Acquisition Integration Manager (CAIM) credential.

Exit Challenges

When it is time to exit and harvest the investments you have made into your platform and add-ons, you must demonstrate to your potential buyers the value that you've added to the business.

By using a credible, recognized expert in M&A integration like Intista, it shows that you have done what was needed to maximize the value of the business. Using Intista to deliver or improve how you integrated your add-ons shows:

  • Use of best practices for lower-mid and mid-size integrations
  • Use of a people-centric integration approach, looking after the valuable assets of this business - the employees 

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