Growing your Business through Strategic Acquisition

Improved Market Position via Strategic M&A

Strategic acquirers of lower-mid and mid-size businesses typically pursue acquisitions to enhance their competitive position. However, bringing these growth synergies to fruition can be challenging. An integration can affect both the acquired and acquiring businesses while you restructure and position yourself to take advantage of the opportunities. Businesses that decide to grow through acquisition must learn new skills, and weave these skills into the fabric of the business.

"Deal-making is hard, but integration is even harder… Capturing the value of the deal is a balancing act that requires close attention to management, employees, customers, and shareholders" Deloitte, Mid-Market Post-merger Integration

Intista will demonstrate and mentor your teams in the best practices in the pragmatic delivery of integrations. We will show your teams how to deliver Business As Usual with the complex, overlapping needs of integrating an add-on business:

Cultural Alignment

Customer Retention

Operational Continuity

Suppliers and Partners

Organizational Changes

Employee Turnover

Creating a larger harmonious business

After the deal is signed and closed, the real work begins. An unsuccessful integration can lead to a decrease in productivity, loss of key talent, and can ultimately undermine the planned synergies of the acquisition. A Harvard Business Review study found that only between 10-30%* of acquisitions are successful, where poor post-merger integration is often to blame.

Intista has delivered the desired integration outcomes in 90% of its engagements.

Your long term vision for your business, (and perhaps your personal plans to exit the business) cannot afford setbacks caused by failed integrations. Much of the value of a lower-mid and mid-size business is fragile.

  • Business culture
  • Employees' product knowledge
  • Business relationships
  • Market knowledge

Intista can guide your business through the integration assessment, planning, budgeting, managing and training, to deliver the value that the Deal Team envisioned.

An alternative to advisory is building your in-house integration team

Leaders should be running the businesses, not executing the integration

Growth through acquisition is an incredibly important initiative for your business. However, for leadership it should not be their only initiative. Leaders should be running the business, not integrating. It is more appropriate that they are holding an integration team accountable for delivering, and not involved in the tactical work themselves.

Integration is not a natural extension of the entrepreneurial skills that build businesses.  If you've grown a business, it doesn't automatically mean you have the skills to manage a successful integration

  • There is a learning curve to successful integration. Intista's specialists already have the experience and skills to deliver

Creating change while minimizing disruption

After an acquisition by a business, everyone goes through change.  The benefits will be available to all, but the getting to this point will impose upon leaders, professionals and employees in both the acquiring and acquired businesses. 

  • How you navigate disturbances determines your success.

Don't make the journey more turbulent than it already is. Employees will tolerate some upheaval, but at some point people will resist what they feel is just disruptive.

  • Intista has the skills and the processes to minimize instability

We help employees accept or embrace it, so that we can deliver the what is needed by an integration

Build Your In-House Integration Team

We train, certify, and mentor your team how to successfully plan and deliver an integration, through in house integration training.

  • Integration planning and delivery aligning with the reasons for acquiring
  • Key talent retention
  • Sustained, applicable and resonant communication
  • Cultural alignment
  • Synergy realization (operational capabilities, financial or market share)
Company organization charts


Technologies and Products



Business Cultures

Affecting Every Team in Every Location...

Each business possesses a distinct blend of intricacies that shape its identity, influence its product offerings, and dictate its market approach. 

Within a business, individual teams, departments, or offices exhibit their own nuanced adaptations of these aspects. A comprehensive integration must account for all these intricacies across every department and at every location.

*Joshi, M., Sanchez, C., & Mudde, P. (2020). Improving the M&A success rate: Identity may be the key. Journal of Business Strategy41(1), 50–57.
   Dr Kelvin Mukolo Kayombo, (2019), Critical Assessment of Performance of Mergers and Acquisitions , The International Journal of Business Management and Technology, Volume 3 Issue 1 January - February 2019 

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