Supporting Your Integration

Helping you deliver the multi-threaded integration

This is an additional service to the Integration Readiness or Integration Setup

We understand that the period after an acquisition is critical to the future success of a business. However at the same time those doing the tasks associated with the integration have conflicting priorities: should they work on the tasks or their “day job”?

We help you deliver the integration in line with your business strategy through

  • Flexibility
  • Determination
  • Pragmatism
  • Empathy

We provide support, managing the program if required, to keep it on track and ensure that leadership is aware of the true status

At the outset, we define what success is. Small and mid-size businesses are not acquired for their financial status, customers or contracts (usually) – so why define success in financial terms?

  • We work with you to define – and message – what success is, and when it should be achieved
  • Give people a Why you acquired, and we will help you with the What we are going to achieve

The assets of a business that has the potential for a great future, are tied up in the employees: their knowledge, skills and business relationships. Communication is one of the key ingredients to employee engagement and productivity – especially during the stressful period of an integration.

  • We understand this and constantly ask ourselves if we are communicating sufficiently

There are so many tasks to be completed during an integration, opportunities are everywhere for employees to step up and help out. However, with that comes new challenges. How do you ensure that these eager volunteers can carry out their tasks?

  • The role of the Integration Management Office includes the mentoring of newly assigned task owners and project managers

On Day 1 the acquisition is announced, and with it some high level vision of what is to be achieve. This high level vision is turned into an integration plan of projects to be carried out by workstreams. Workstream Leaders are solely responsible for delivering their workstream’s projects.

  • We encourage Workstream Leaders to pass the accountability down to their team members for each project, and the tasks with them.  Although it is tempting to name two people to own a project or task, we recommend a single person is accountable for everything in the hierarchy of activities

Scope creep cannot be accommodated during an integration. The sheer volume of important and desired projects and tasks to be completed, means that the luxury of adding tasks cannot be allowed.

  • We understand that integrations always contain an element of surprise, which will force the integration to increase the scope. Our experience will guide you in helping decide what is important, and what can be postponed for later improvements
  • We are firm advocates of Integrate First, Improve Second
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