CAIM™ Training & Certification for Multiple Employees

Build your In House Integration Team

When you need to integrate your acquisitions, you can opt to Build, not Buy, your integration team  

You will need a team to integrate your current and future acquisitions

Perhaps building an In House team is the solution for you.

Are you expecting that your team will be well prepared to integrate after the experts are gone?

Our expertise has been used to create online, OnDemand, training that is specifically designed for lower-mid and mid-size integrations.

Do you appreciate that external consultants have the expertise you need, but are unsure how to get value from bringing that expertise in?

OnDemand training is a significantly lower cost than appointing external consultants - and appropriate for the more straightforward lower-mid and mid-size integrations.

Intista solutions include: specialized, relevant training that helps you build your In-House integration team for imminent and future acquisitions.

We offer businesses training and certification in Acquisition Integration Management.

Why Certify Multiple Employees?

  • A common understanding of integration approaches
  • A common terminology
  • Organizational understanding of the hierarchy and duties of everyone involved
  • Everyone is included in learning how to integrate, hands-on and in real-time
  • The whole team should attend our Integration Mastermind meetings, to exchange best practices and discuss integration related topics
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1 to 2 subscribers

Acquisition Integration Manager(s) leading small integrations

Per Person

$2,495 first year

$250 renewals, 

including recertifications

3 to 7 subscribers

Integration Management Office (IMO) team



Per Person

$2,244 first year

$250 renewals, 

including recertifications

8 to 19 subscribers

Steering Committee, Integration Management Office (IMO), Onboarding, Communication teams, and the workstream leaders



Per Person

$1,995 first year

$250 renewals, 

including recertifications

20 or more subscribers

All members of the integration: Steering Committee, workstream members, workstream leaders, IMO, Communications, Onboarding, OD, and Change Management



Per Person

$1,495 first year

$250 renewals, 

including recertifications

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Certified Acquisition Integration Manager program
Certified Acquisition Integration Manager program

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