Acquisition Integration Mastermind

Expert Mentoring for Your Integration

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Having completed training and certification, integration advice and candid discussions are available

Once per month, CAIM™ students and graduates gather at Intista's Integration Mastermind sessions.  

What happens at the Mastermind?

Attendees discuss acquisition integration related topics.

Before attending, they are encouraged to submit a question, or have a topic in mind that we can discuss. Discussions are centered around the planning and execution of the integration, never the acquisition transaction. 

Typical topics might be:

  • Is a high speed integration the right strategy for you?
  • What have you done to prepare for the Day 1 announcement and activities?
  • What do you know about the business you are about to acquire?
  • When do you select and set up the tools you'll use for tracking the integration progress?
  • How do you diffuse difficulties arising from a difference in processes and operations?
  • How are you preparing for the next acquisition integration?

If you want a private discussion, as soon as possible

Mastermind Availability

Integration Mastermind sessions are offered monthly to subscribers of the Certified Acquisition Integration Manager program. They are held generally on the Third Tuesday of every month 

This mastermind group is a free-form discussion about best practices, techniques and problem solving, associated with M&A integration. We discuss topics that the attendees bring up, to help them prepare for the tasks ahead, or explore solutions to problems.

How to join us

All attendees must accept Intista's current terms and conditions 

To schedule a private discussion, please contact us