Preparing for Day 1

How do you structure the governance of an acquisition integration and appoint the right people for the job?

To most employees of a business, the first time that they hear about acquired is when it is publicly announced. Although integration planning has been worked on for a while, to most employees this is the first day of the integration - hence it is known as "Day 1".

How and what you say in the Day 1 announcement is very important. For some integrations the way that you announce and welcome new employees can be the difference between integration success and failure. This course will teach you how to prepare and deliver the Day 1 announcement.

Preparing for Day 1 addresses the following questions

  • What must each business function do before announcing?
  • What are the typical activities that we must plan for at an annoucement?
  • How do you successfully announce when there are multiple locations?
  • How do we plan the right messaging to each of the different audiences?

The course walks you throught an example of announcing an acquisition to 6 different audiences (1 of which is the acquired staff). It identifies where, who, and how each audience hears the news.

This course includes a comprehensive Day 1 checklist for download.

Are you fully prepared to announce an acquisition, winning the hearts and minds of the staff, partners, and clients of your acquisition?

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Preparing for Day 1

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Made for a Better Culture

Able to assume solutions many times before problems occur and can remain collected. …also quickly made personal relationships with members of both companies and helped to integrate them by learning process and introducing counterparts. It not only made for a better culture, but a smoother run in streamlining both lines of business.

A Huge Positive Difference

Extremely organized, detail-oriented, thorough, timely, and importantly... made a huge positive difference on many occasions, helping to gain loyalty, bridge differences, and get newly acquired companies up and running

Holistic Thinking

Really appreciate your dedication, professionalism, hard work and holistic thinking.

Value Beyond the Scope

They were very responsive to my needs and gave added value beyond the scope I requested, finding gaps that we didn't realize were there. The attitude, support and professionalism were outstanding. We would have no hesitation in asking them back for future projects.

Lauren Mink Purchasing and Facilities Management
Linda Peduto Facilities Manager
Wyatt Campbell COO
Samuel Bronstein CEO