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Onboarding Acquired Staff

How do you create the many projects needed to integrate an acquired business?

This course is part of the Certified Acquisition Integration Manager program 

Onboarding is the process of introducing a new employee into a business: making sure that they quickly get up to speed and are engaged in their new position.  Onboarding an entire acquired business is more complex, more emotional, more work and it is more important to be successful.  Poor onboarding often causes employees to leave a business after it is acquired.

In this course we discuss and review the Onboarding Team; we explain how to onboard acquired staff; we outline an onboarding plan, and we provide tips for onboarding.

Having acquired a business, how will you ensure the employees are working productively and are engaged in the new business?
The people are a key asset in a small or mid-size business. How will you ensure they are happy and productive after being acquired?

Onboarding Acquired Staff addresses the following questions

  • What is an Onboarding Team, and what are their responsibilities?
  • What are the elements of integration onboarding?
  • What is the most important part of an integration?
  • How long does an integration take?
  • How are onboarding, orientation, the Day 1 announcement, staff retention, culture related to each other?

This course also includes a large number of tips to help you plan and carry out the onboarding.

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[They were] able to assume solutions many times before problems occur and can remain collected so that many things which had overwhelmed others he was able to execute without issue or delay.

It not only made for a better culture, but a smoother run in streamlining both lines of business

Cross Country Healthcare

Lauren Mink

Cross Country Healthcare

A succinct communicator, extremely organized, detail-oriented, thorough, timely, and importantly... made a huge positive difference on many occasions, helping to gain loyalty, bridge differences, and get newly acquired companies up and running

Bentley Systems

Linda Peduto

Bentley Systems

Steve's expertise in project management and his dedication to the success of our team were second to none. Steve is expert in setting up procedures to accomplish complex tasks, and his follow through was a key factor in the success of our acquisition integration process.

Mike Markovitz

Angel Investor

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