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Improve your M&A integration of lower-mid and mid-size businesses

At Intista, we help the acquirers of smaller businesses to deliver the M&A value that they aspire to. 

We are the only provider of integration certification for lower-mid size acquisitions

Lower-mid and mid-size Post-Merger Integration

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Get the full value of the business you acquire

70% failure rate - in the integration

It is the integration of acquired businesses that often fails. Delivering what was envisioned when the deal was put together is difficult and prone to failure.

What value are your acquisitions, without integration?

A successful acquisition integration will increase the value of your business, delivering more return on investment and higher multiples in your valuation. The value of integration is that it raises the value of your business.

Businesses that do not successfully integrate acquisitions waste the opportunity of value creation. With every subsequent acquisition, the pain of not integrating becomes greater, as the burden of multiple processes, tools and operational methods prevents growth.


of our integrations are less than $100M deal value


of our acquired businesses have less than 100 employees*

* Acquiring businesses vary greatly in size


of our integrations include some cross-border work

Smaller Acquisitions Require a Unique Approach to Integration

When a large business is acquired, it is often for its current offerings: customers, revenues, market shares.  However, smaller business are usually acquired for future benefits. Hence, integrating a businesses with less than 1000 employees requires a different approach to large-business integration.

We are specialists in integrating acquired small, lower-mid and mid-size businesses, We understand and accommodate that every business is unique, as are the challenges they will face during an integration.

The Earlier You Begin, the More Likelihood of Success

Every acquisition integration is unique, with each one requiring understanding and consideration before you can begin planning. Integrations do not start when the deal is completed: you need to be well-prepared to announce what you will do, when and how, to an audience that scrutinizes every word that is said.

 The best acquirers are ready to announce and create trust with their audiences. This requires time and hard work. The earlier you begin integration, the better the odds of success.

Build Your In-House Integration Team

We train, certify, and mentor your team how to successfully plan and deliver an integration, through in house integration training.

  • Integration planning and delivery aligning with the reasons for acquiring
  • Key talent retention
  • Sustained, applicable and resonant communication
  • Cultural alignment
  • Synergy realization (operational capabilities, financial or market share)

Five Steps to a Successful Integration Team

  • Readiness

  • Certification

  • Delivery 

  • Support

  • Resources

Certified Acquisition Integration Manager (CAIMβ„’) designation

Build, Don't Buy, your Integration Team

You will need a team to integrate your current and future integrations so that everyone has:

  • A common understanding of integration approaches
  • A common terminology, which improves communication within your business
  • Organizational understanding of the hierarchy and duties of everyone involved
  • Ways to learn how to integrate, hands-on and in real-time
  • After completing the course, students have access to our Integration Mastermind meetings, to exchange best practices and discuss integration related topics

We help you deliver the value of your acquisitions, by building your in house integration team's competencies.   This will increase your Return On Investment and EBITDA multiple if you exit later.

Certified Acquisition Integration Manager logo

 A successful integration team delivers the value defined by the Deal Team

  • Incomplete integrations are missed opportunities to realize the value envisioned by the deal-makers
  • Integration of the two businesses, not the purchase, is what delivers value

Retain-house expertise, which is transferred between successive acquisition integrations

  • Create an in-house acquisition integration team, using the knowledge of established experts
  • Invest in your team, and transfer experiences between successive acquisition integrations

Control the cost of getting external integration expertise

  • Know the cost of the training and certification, up front


Improve the way that you approach and deliver integrations in the future. If you already acquire and integrate, avoid the cost of inefficient methods in:

  • Staff retention 
  • Faster onboarding 
  • Improved productivity 
  • Staff engagement


Trained employees are happier employees

  • Capable, well-trained employees perform faster, are more engaged, and have better work outcomes*
  • Organizations that invest in employee training demonstrate that they have faith in that employee and morale improves
  • Improved morale creates more engaged employees, which makes them more productive

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