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This course is designed to set expectations for business leadership, in what to expect during an acquisition integration.

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This subscription includes

  • Online training that takes you through the
    entire integration: from the reasons
    for acquiring, to the execution and delivery of the projects
    • Uses the simplified five-step
      integration approach, the Small
      business Simple Integration Method (The SSIM™)
  • Templates and checklists to download, including lists of necessary departmental integration tasks
  • Twice-monthly Integration Mastermind sessions: a group meeting to discuss
    best practices and share advice for your integration journey


Certified Acquisition Integration Manager logo

Integration Masterminds

A key element of learning about acquisition integration is through discussion with experienced integration experts. Intista's Integration Mastermind sessions are held twice per month 

Mastermind Availability

Integration Mastermind sessions are open to the public, but focused upon the needs of subscribers of the Certified Acquisition Integration Manager program. They are held twice per month, generally on the

  • First Monday
  • Third Tuesday 

This mastermind group is a freeform discussion on best practices, techniques and problem solving associated with M&A integration (also known as Post-Merger Integration). We discuss topics that the attendees want to talk about, helping them prepare for the tasks ahead, or discuss solutions to problems.

How to join us

All attendees must accept Intista's current terms and conditions