Certification Level

Upon completion of all learning achievements and the final assessment, your level will change to Integration Manager, and a certificate will be awarded.


Badges (Learning Achievements)

Having achieved a passing score in a lesson or short-course assessment, you are awarded a learning achievement badge. Upon completion of all achievements, you are eligible to take the final assessment to become a Certified Acquisition Integration Manager.


If you have completed all achievements via our series of short courses (not the all-in-one CAIM course), contact us. We will enroll you into our Certified Acquisition Integration Manager course, so that you can take the final quiz assessment.

Connect  Digital Badge to Badgr.com

When you have your certification, sync your digital badge with Badgr.com to share it on social media.

Intista uses an independent registrant for digital certifications, Canvas. To connect to Canvas you will need to create a Badgr.com account.

You need to log in to sync your account with Badgr.

Intista's CAIM digital badge on a person's LinkedIn profile

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Download your complete training record to spreadsheet or PDF

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