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In this lesson we learn how to estimate, budget the finances of an integration. We will address three types of cost estimation, budget submission and three types of synergy savings.

Note that different size businesses will apply different amounts of finance rigor to an integration. Generally smaller integrations are managed less, and large integrations manage finances more closely. It is important that every size integration applies some level financial management. In this learning, we address the spectrum of needs for lower-mid and mid-size acquisition integrations.

Our training is designed specifically for online learning. It is not a recording of a classroom session, nor a series of webinars.

This course is part of the Certified Acquisition Integration Manager (CAIM) qualification, and is appropriate for the people who will be included in the Integration Management Office (IMO), the Onboarding Team, Communications Team, Steering Committee and the Integration Workstreams.

Upon successfully passing the course assessment, you will be awarded a Learning Achievement for completion. This contributes towards the Certified Acquisition Integration Manager (CAIM) qualification. To review your Learning Achievements go to Online, My Learning Profile


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