Our New Name – Intista 

 April 4, 2021

By  Steve Nunn

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April 4th, 2021

We very excited to officially announce that we have changed our brand name and corporate identity from Nunn Better Consulting, to Intista

Int – Integration,  ista – “the essence of”

Intista, the essence of integration.

This rebranding reflects our new levels of capability, new partnerships, and increased strengths. It is a new beginning in our company history.

We believe that the new name better reflects what we have become: a partner for clients who acquire and integrate their acquired small or mid-size business. We focus purely upon offering just this solution, to just this market – and we strive to be the best there is at it. We offer:

With the new brand you will find an updated website, with a new home page, new informational flyers, more projects in our portfolio, and a cleaner appearance to our online training.

Intista is the new name for Nunn Better Consulting

To celebrate this new phase in our company’s history, we are offering a 50% discount on Single Subscribers to our Managing Integrations subscription, until the end of April 2021. Use the coupon voucher NEXTPHASE2021 when you sign up for Managing Integrations – Single Subscriber

Learn more about this industry-changing approach to integrating your acquired business.

We take this opportunity to thank you for your continued support and look forward to providing you a high level of service with your small, lower-mid, or mid-size acquisition integrations.

Contact us for more information.

Steve Nunn, CEO of Intista


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