VoiceStream South Florida



Omnipoint Corporation acquisition deal size $4.5B

Aerial Communications acquisition deal size ~$3B

VoiceStream (later T-Mobile) acquired two regional mobile network companies at approximately the same time: Aerial Communications predominantly in the Mid-West, and Omnipoint Corp in the USA North East and South Florida, as part of a strategy to build a nationwide mobile GSM-based phone network.


The integration was to bring together all three business to behave and perform as one. A priority was to create a single customer billing platform, create a single brand, and implement standard business practices across the whole corporation.  Our engagement was focused upon the latter, working in the Retail workstream to ensure that all the Omnipoint stores in South Florida were aligned with the unified practices.

There were approximately 30 stores across South Florida: an urban area with a population of 9 million that includes the larger cities of Boca Raton, Fort Lauderdale, and Miami, along with numerous smaller suburban cities. Acting as the lead for Retail store integration in South Florida.

Key Responsibilities Included

  • Coordinating all team visits involved in retail migration, particularly IT, Marketing and Branding
  • Skill training for retail, new systems, improved ways of selling, new branding, and new marketing content
  • Finding property that could be leased for additional retail outlets
  • Leadership and culture training
  • Reporting progress back to the IMO, and raising issues if necessary