Training Content Creation

Well-designed. Well delivered

Bespoke, Bilingual Training for Your Business

Whether you need specific training content for your internal training, or you plan to sell training to the public, we can do the content creation for you. We will take you through the development process, on the journey to training delivery. The final product can be in English and Spanish, if required

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Training Needs Analysis and Instructional Design

To create your custom training content, we’ll work with you to define the Learning Objectives for the class and each module.

We can deliver content creation in English and/or Spanish[/morello_side_icon_block][morello_side_icon_block icon=”ion-easel”]

Training, not a Presentation

We create training content, not just PowerPoint slides. Each module has a specific Learning Objective, and the modules are design to assemble into a coherent training course[/morello_side_icon_block][morello_side_icon_block icon=”ion-android-desktop”]

Online, On Demand

Online modules are uploaded to a Learning Management System (LMS) for on-demand distance learning[/morello_side_icon_block][morello_side_icon_block icon=”ion-ios-shuffle-strong”]

Program Management

Training content creation is a multi-threaded program, often carried out by staff who are dispersed. To manage designers, writers, training administrators and instructors requires a skill set of a Program Manager[/morello_side_icon_block][morello_side_icon_block icon=”ion-android-chat”]

Training Delivery

Training can be delivered In Person, online live, or on demand from a Learning Management System (LMS).

We can deliver training in English or Spanish[/morello_side_icon_block]


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The Value of Training in the Workplace

Well-designed and well-delivered workplace training can give an ROI of 4x to 5x

[morello_fact_block icon=”ion-log-out” counter=”40″ description=”Percentage of workers who leave their position within the first year because they did’t receive necessary training”]
[morello_fact_block icon=”ion-android-sad” counter=”74″ description=”Percentage of staff who don’t feel like they’re achieving their potential at work”]
[morello_fact_block icon=”ion-arrow-graph-down-right” counter=”70″ description=”Percentage of workers who said that training and development influences their decision to stay in their job”]
[morello_fact_block icon=”ion-ios-game-controller-b” counter=”87″ description=”Percentage of millennials who said professional development or career growth opportunities are very important factors in their decision to stay in their job”]

Prior Training Engagements

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