Company-Specific Training

Integrating Your Acquired Small or Mid-Size Business

Training for Business Acquirers

3 days of In-Person, Detailed, Relevant, Actionable Learning

Our In Person and Remote training is delivered for a single organization, on an agreed schedule. Classroom training is delivered at any location you select.

Benefit from the shared experience of learning with your colleagues and gain from the freedom to learn, digress and discuss together the best approach for your specific integration.

Who should attend

  • Members of the acquisition team, that will find businesses and execute the deal
  • Leadership of both the acquiring and acquired businesses
  • Member of the Integration Management Office (IMO) team, that will set up and run an acquisition integration
  • Members of Human Resources who will lead the Onboarding Team

Custom topics can be commissioned.

Our remote classroom training is written from the ground up to suit the needs of Small and Mid-size Businesses (SMBs).  Training should be taken before a deal gathers momentum as acquisition integration begins during the Due Diligence period.

Small and mid-size businesses are different to large businesses, so why integrate them the same way?
Take training designed for your type of business.

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Before You Start Integrating

  • Setting expectations for the integration ahead
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SSIM: the Small business Simple Integration Method

  • Our unique process for integrating acquired small and mid-size businesses: specific, relevant steps that take you from the Reasons for Acquiring, through to Executing and Reporting your integration
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Different Ways to Integrate a Business

  • Discussing the different ways that you can integrate an acquired business
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Setting your Objectives

  • How to use the SSIM to deriving Key Objectives, plus a number of worked examples demonstrating this
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The Integration Organization

  • The temporary organization of teams that define policy, set up and run the integration, plan and carry out the projects
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Small and Mid-Size Business Integrations

  • What is different in small and mid-size integrations, and how to improve the odds of success
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Preparing for Day 1

  • The announcement (known as “Day 1”) requires significant preparation. Here we learn about Day 1 tasks, and preparing and delivering the announcement
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Staff Retention after an Acquisition

  • The cost of losing staff after an acquisition. A toolbox of techniques to retain staff, using financial and non-financial incentives
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Onboarding Acquired Staff

  • Onboarding acquired staff presents unique challenges. Here we learn how to onboard acquired staff, building bridges between company cultures
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Communication During Integrations

  • The announcement (known as “Day 1”) requires significant preparation. Here we learn about Day 1 tasks, and preparing and delivering the announcement
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Creating and Running Your Projects

  • Taking all of the preparation, and turning it into actionable projects to be carried out. We discuss how to manage integrations, including meetings, metrics and technologies
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Being Effective

  • Tools and techniques to improve the way that you manage integrations
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Recommendations for Functional Groups


  • HR
  • IT
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Software Development
  • Finance
  • Additional groups
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