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Certified Acquisition Integration Manager – Try Before You Buy

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Welcome to this overview and introduction to Intista’s acquisition integration training course. This is designed to teach you how to successfully integrate acquired lower-mid and mid-size businesses. It is appropriate for the people that will

  • Plan, coordinate and report the integration projects and tasks
  • Oversee the whole integration
  • Deliver the projects and tasks for a specific team or department
  • Plan and create communications
  • Onboard acquired staff

What's Included?

The first lesson introduces the course, and shows how to navigate

The second lesson has some sample topics for you to try out and a free download!

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This is an intermediate level course, that requires a very basic understanding of the steps involved in acquiring a business:

  • What is M&A Due Diligence and where it fits into the acquisition timeline
  • Acquisition terminology such as “Deal Closing” or “Deal Team”.