Online Acquisition Integration 

 April 13, 2020

By  Steve Nunn

The way that we run large complex programs, like acquisition integrations, has been changing over the years. Much more is done remotely than ever before, and this trend will continue to increase. Similarly, the way that future Integration Managers learn their trade has changed.

Intista has developed an approach to integrating acquired lower-mid and mid-size businesses, i.e., those with less than 1000 employees in the acquired business. These agile, responsive, thriving businesses need a flexible, size-appropriate approach to integrating acquiring and acquired businesses together. We call our approach the SSIM™ : the Small business Simple Integration Method™.

As well as an agile approach to integration, the way that we teach it is also appropriate: our Certified Acquisition Integration Manager (CAIM) program is designed specifically for online, self-paced training.

Certified Acquisition Integration Manager™

Intista understands that giving a class is not a complete education. The techniques and processes in the class need to be applied to your business. Consequently, Intista stays with our clients with regular Mastermind groups that provide a forum for discussion and problem solving, in a collaborative environment.

Learn more about the CAIM here: https://intista.com/training/caim/


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