Expanding into Medical Practice Integration 

 August 19, 2020

By  Steve Nunn

We are pleased to announce that Renee Ballantyne has joined Nunn Better Consulting to expand our capabilities in medical practice acquisition integration. Renee, and her team at MedInd Group, provide the expertise and resources to assist doctors’ offices with the strategic and tactical capacity to integrate and merge acquired procedures, standards, operations, technologies, and staff structures.

Renee’s experience includes medical practice management, medical insurance, biologics and infusion suite management. She has worked for Genentech, Roche, Swedish Hospital, Apria Healthcare, and is currently at MedInd Group. Ms. Ballantyne has a BSN in Nursing from Seattle University and post-graduate studies at Washington State University.

A flyer which outlines our medical practice integration offerings can also be found in our Downloads folder at https://intista.com//resources/downloads/


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