Distance Learning during Lockdown 

 June 16, 2020

By  Steve Nunn

During the recent lockdown when we were encouraged to self-isolate indefinitely, we have seen the advantages that technology offers beyond communication. Distance Learning has become indispensable and throughout this crisis its benefits have come to light:

  • Providing new skills to keep us competitive
  • Saving us time that we can dedicate to other priorities
  • Keeping a digital record of training needs versus goals progress
  • Offering tailored curricula that meet our needs

Managers are learning how to maintain business through the lockdown, while at the same time having to look beyond this crisis. They are asking questions like:

  • “What will our business need when the COVID-19 lockdown is behind us?”
  • “Who has demonstrated self-motivation and work discipline?”
  • “Who has excelled during this crisis and is the future of this company?”
  • “Who has continued with their professional development?”

Professional development during a lockdown is realized through distance learning. Nunn Better Consulting offers On Demand distance learning. Our career-oriented opportunities include:

Integration Basics icon

Integration Basics

An entry-level course that outlines the events and change that any employees can expect as they find themselves affected by an acquisition. This free training is available for companies to use after their acquisition announcement.

Managing Integrations icon

Managing Integrations

Our flagship product is designed for those who will set up and run an acquisition integration. This subscription offers a step-by-step simplified process for integrating an acquired business from Due Diligence, to Day One and onto completion. It includes templates for forms, list and reports, offers online training, and schedules weekly office hours to discuss your integrations

As we emerge from lockdown, what professional development and further learning have you put in place for your employees to take advantage of?


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