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Become a Certified Acquisition Integration Manager (CAIM) by completing the course within this certification program.

In this training you will learn how to set up and manage the complete integration of an acquired small or mid-size business, through the use of online training and downloadable templates. Our training is designed specifically for online learning. It is not a recording of a classroom session, nor a series of webinars.

Certified Acquisition Integration Manager (CAIM) is appropriate for the people who will be included in the Integration Management Office (IMO), the Steering Committee, Onboarding Team or Integration Workstreams.

Training includes the following lessons:

  • Getting Off The Ground
  • Different Ways to Integrate a Business
  • The Integration Organization
  • Integration Objectives
  • Staff Retention
  • Onboarding Acquired Staff
  • Preparing for Day 1
  • Communication During Integrations
  • Creating and Running Your Projects


What is Included?

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