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Road Construction - Client Confidential

Intista was engaged to prepare a plan for transformation of the business operations of a successful collection of civil engineering companies including the opportunity to combine the operating companies in some shared fashion. We concluded that the company ran lean without excessive overhead, although there are inefficiencies. Efficiencies and revenues could have been improved with higher profitability using essentially the same people - if supplemented with some technology support to enforce modified processes.

Engagement Description

The engagement included the following elements

  • Interviews with owners, leadership, and key back-office staff to acquire multiple perspectives of both challenges and opportunities
  • A 94-point business assessment, and subsequent analysis, to baseline attributes of the company and compare to other businesses
  • Two staff surveys: Leadership & middle management survey, and an All-Staff survey, which was offered in English and Spanish
  • Review of technology and workflows used in their head office: identified inefficiencies and source of errors requiring downstream correction
  • Addressed immediate needs: Rebranding of logo and marketing tagline (slogan) to show a more united ‘group’ of companies that could then cross-sell each other’s offerings


The specific recommendations are not for disclosure to the public. However, the following information does not disclose any confidential information. Our primary review focus was on “Effectiveness and Efficiency” noting that almost every action has a positive or negative financial impact, and that there were many opportunities to make small changes to build on momentum already in process, especially since internal staff were identifying/looking for improvements.

The Intista team made several specific suggestions on areas of operational improvement. An implementation plan for these recommendations was delivered.

  • The plan required five (5) workstreams, each with projects, tasks/activities to implement those projects
  • Not all projects could be worked in parallel: management would have to prioritize the projects to properly resource the efforts
  • If implemented, it was projected to get some immediate impact and obtain significant results within 6 months

The final report identified 17 specific areas of focus, with actionable tasks for each. Most of these were broken down into subtasks, with descriptions. Justifications were given for each task. The report included a discussion of the opportunities ahead, identifying some immediate impact opportunities to capture the momentum established by the staff survey feedback.