Integration Insights Interview added to Managing Integrations 

 January 13, 2021

By  Steve Nunn

Walker Deibel, founder and owner of Buy then Build, a recognized public speaker and writer on lower-mid size M&A, recently interviewed Steve Nunn, owner of Nunn Better Consulting to get insights on how to integrate (or “merge”) an acquired and acquiring business.

Walker posed 13 questions to Steve that were answered on camera. The interview is now included in the Managing Integrations subscription offered by Nunn Better Consulting. Questions include:

  • What is the most important part of an integration?
  • What is a common failure in integrations?
  • How do you start an integration?
  • Who should lead workstreams?
  • Should you wait before starting an integration?
  • How can you improve the odds of success?

As a reminder, Managing Integrations is a low-cost, high-value subscription service that empowers acquirers to integrate acquired smaller businesses.

You can find a video sample of that interview here


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